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Dhadhaab project:

This project is dedicated to bring hope and joy to the children who live in Dadaab refugee camp. Dadaab is the biggest refugee camp in the world located at northeastern Kenya. It is our goal to deliver cloth and shoes for these children during the 2013 holidays. There are about 300thousand children in Dadaab refugee camp. Most of these children have not had a chance to wear new cloth or a new pair of shoes. This project will ensure that many of them receive a pair of shoes and at least one outfit for the holidays. We would like your help! You can sponsor one child by donating only $10 to this project we will ensure smiles of joy are spread across thousands of miles away. Please find the kindness to brighten a child's life forever. READ MORE CLICK HERE

How You Can Help

Volunteer Opportunities Do you have a passion for making a difference? Or experience and skills in office management? At EARD, we have ongoing opportunities for volunteers to help directly in our programs for refugee. Most opportunities can be tailored to fit your schedule. If you are interested, please contact us so we can schedule an […]

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