A. Water and Sanitation

Most of East African countries suffer from lack of available drinking water, and no form of

sanitation due to the lack of local government. In many cases this problem has allowed dangers

to remain. EARD would work with donors and humanitarian aid organizations for the repair

and replacement of deep boreholes and shallow wells in conjunction with water management

and community sanitation training. EARD will assign a team of local volunteers to identify and

evaluate the area.

B. Emergency Relief Support

Many areas in East Africa are greatly affected by natural or man-made disasters. Often times,

this causes civilian unrest and displaces many people far from their homes with no means

of support. EARD will respond and collaborate with other humanitarian aid organizations in

determining where such affected individuals are and work on delivering assistance to them.

C. Preventive Health and Awareness Projects

The need exists to provide education and awareness of HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, and other health

problems. Unfortunately pregnant women and newborns have no

access to medical prenatal advice and delivery assistance. Another related

need is medical supplies for clinics already in place. EARD would seek to

assist implanting assistance in these areas, by working with the local

village leaders.

D. Basic Education Improvements

EARD intends to establish or repair school buildings, provide desks, chairs, books, and

equipment, and ordinary school supplies. Experienced teachers are available but resources for

recruiting and training new teachers are exhausted.

E. Strengthening capacity for local governance

Activities would include training and assisting a local mechanism for dialogue and problem

solving. EARD will assist in the involvement of civil society in the coordination of development

initiatives undertaken by local communities.